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Custom Load Testing Software & Performance Metrics
Vancouver Network Load Testing, Vancouver Load Testing Software

Just exactly how much traffic can your network and servers handle? Do you know how many concurrent connections your website can handle before customers start noticing problems? We can test your network and various application servers to find answers to these questions. If you already have historical data for your website and applications, you can use this to your advantage to plot trends and plan for the future.

Load Testing Services:

Every series of tests will also include a personalized report with traffic statistics and test results laid out in easy to understand tables and graph formats. Recomendations for any problems that were discovered will be outlined and prioritized based on the seriousness of the implications. These test results will let you plan for the future of your infrastructure such as when to upgrade capacity as your staff grows.

We can also create an in-house testing environment based on your current configuration. As your software development efforts increase it becomes important to engage in standard testing practices which require maintaining seperate environments for each stage of development. We can decrease your costs by creating virtual instances of these seperate environments.

Vancouver Network Load Testing, Vancouver Load Testing Software
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