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Network Hardware Installation, Configuration & Support
Vancouver Network Hardware Support, Installation, And Configuration

Whether you are building your first network or planning on increasing your current network's capacity, we can get your network up and running faster and more secure than ever. Modern IT networks are highly complicated and require professional installation and configuration. With all of the different hardware vendors and communication protocols it can be tough getting the configuration right while at the same time ensuring that your network is secure. The most common security issues with networking hardware and software is incorrect configuration. We ensure your network is setup using the most secure configuration possible. This includes enable encryption where possible and IP address based access control.

Network Services:

Linux can save you money when it comes to rolling out your network. Many expensive network appliances such as routers, load balancers, and firewalls can be replaced with a Linux alternative based on standard PC or server hardware. Using a Linux substitute will save you money on licensing costs and result in a hardware purchase that will have more than one application. Many Linux alternatives not only offer comparable functionality but in some cases offer more features than commercially available products. These alternatives such as Linux Virtual Server and IP Tables firewall are class leaders and are trusted by some of the internet's busiest sites such as Wikipedia and Slashdot.

Knowing the current status of your network and all of your interconnected hardware is crucial in maintaining a highly available infrastructure. We specialize in setting up network and server hardware monitoring via SNMP as well as custom probes. Easy to view graphs of resource usage such as CPU, Disk I/O, and Load Average can give you insight into how your network and servers are performing and where there is room for improvement. In the event that there are any problems, alerts via email and cell phone text messages to appropriate support staff will ensure a prompt response. Downtime costs your organization money and we can help eliminate or at least reduce down time due to outages.

Vancouver Network Hardware Support, Installation, And Configuration
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