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Security Assessments, Penetration Testing, OS Hardening

Here at NDX we take IT security seriously. We offer security assessments of your current network and applications ranging from general network and OS hardening to serious penetration testing. Unless your network and server software and hardware have been installed by trained professionals you may have weaknesses in your IT infrastructure that you don't know about. Another common issue is systems not being up-to-date with the latest patches. Hackers and crackers are now waiting until patches for common software are released and then reverse engineering the patches to discover the original vulnerability. The time between a patch and working exploit code has been greatly reduced and so you must be sure that your systems are as secure as possible.

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A software code audit can identify security problems in your application or website before you begin selling your product to potential customers. Having to send out updates to your application or make a major change to a web-service API immediately after release can be embarrassing and undermine your customer's confidence that you can supply a product they can trust. You can avoid this with a code review by our experienced software engineers. Firewalls are your companies first line of defense from the never ending onslaught of attacks from the internet. We can assess your current setup or help you implement a new security system that will keep your network safe from intruders. To ensure that your important private data is safe from prying eyes, you and your employees should have a secure connection back to your servers at your office or your data center. A VPN connection is very important layer of security to ensure private data remains just that, private.

Your IT systems are only as safe as the premises that house those systems. We can provide high-level physical security for your company. This includes complex alarm systems and hardened access to your locations. Don't let crime affect your business, decide your acceptable level of risk and plan accordingly.

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