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Keeping track of, and in touch with, your customers and other business assets can be a tall order with the constant advances in the way we communicate. We can help simplify these issues for you with a custom web-based software application that is tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business. Because we have the experience and expertise to create these applications, we take our time and ensure that your organization's business processes are translated effectively into an application that is going to make a difference for you. Not just in savings for your company but also in reduced complexity and increased automation in the way you and your staff work.

We specialize in applications based on various platforms:

Most businesses these days are already going to be using a number of web-based systems to complete their day to day operations. We can increase your efficiency by tying all these systems together to simplify your business process. Automation is key and regardless of whether or not all of your current applications have an easy to use API or have no extra functionality beyond a web form we can bring these systems together.

We also offer affordable application hosting on both Windows and Linux platforms. Our plans can be configured to include support for various web programming languages as well as database access and scalable hard disk space. Our shared hosting plans also come with web-based email service for your domain. For larger businesses that require dedicated servers we offer high-quality brand name equipment that you can rely on. For businesses that already have their own servers and networking equipment we offer quality co-location services at competitive rates. Our secure data center offers redundant high-speed fiber onnections to upstream internet providers. The data center also has diesel power generation capabilities so that in the event of a disruption in electrical service your systems will remain available to you and your employess and the rest of the world.

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