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Asterisk VOIP Server Installation & Support
Vancouver Asterisk Help. Vancouver Asterisk Support. Vancouver VOIP Installation

A VOIP phone system can be a great investment for your organization and increase your office productivity through better communication. We install and support VOIP servers and phones. We specialize in Asterisk PBX installations and support. Asterisk is the industry standard for Linux-based VOIP servers. You can customize phone menus, program extensions, email voice messages, play mp3 music files for customers that are on hold, and access a multitude of other useful features. All installations include basic IVR prompt messages that cover most applications or you have the option of recording personalized responses which can be programmed to differ based on the time of day, month, and year.

VOIP Services:

A Linux-based VOIP phone system can give you a level of customization that has never been possible with comparable traditional systems for small and medium sized companies. The Asterisk VOIP PBX can be intsalled on standard PC or server hardware. The only additional hardware that may be needed are digital telephony interface cards. New VOIP ohone systems can also work alongside your existing systems.

We also offer the option of a dedicated VOIP server appliance based on the Asterisk PBX software. These are stand-alone units which can be deployed quickly at your office. These units are ideal for the small to medium sized office, supporting a max of 25 users per device. Multiple devices can be used to increase capacity or create a multi-site VOIP network. The VOIP appliance is also easy to manage and includes a web-based configuration and administration menu.

We can also train your in-house staff to make basic changes to your system. For smaller systems we can install dedicated hardware that comes equipped with an easy to manage web interface for making changes to the configuration of your phone network such as adding extensions, changing open / closed times, and call-forwarding options. We can decrease your costs while at the same time simplifying your systems and putting you in control.

Vancouver Asterisk Help. Vancouver Asterisk Support. Vancouver VOIP help.
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